While all places around the globe are combatting the COVID-19 or Coronavirus outbreak, everybody is making sure to stay at home all the time to prevent getting an infection, making it especially vital to guarantee that your house or commercial property is disinfected and clean. Hence, we would like to provide a few helpful tips about how you can disinfect and clean your house or commercial building properly and help fight the coronavirus:


If you have a lot of things you have got cluttered all over your home, the more overlooked areas you are providing dust to sit on. All you have to do is only 30 minutes to organize your shoes and clothes or clear away unused electronics lying around your house.

Clean air, clean lungs, and better health

If you are regularly utilizing your air-conditioner, you need to consider providing it a few tender love and care. Moreover, you also need to include cleaning your air purifiers and your fans. If you don’t know how to properly clean them, make sure to reach out to a local HVAC cleaning service provider to help you out.

Deep cleanse your fabrics

Regardless if you are too cautious when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of your house, all the skin cells, dust, and bacteria that are building up on your home’s fabrics are definitely inevitable. A lot of people believe that utilizing vacuum in cleaning carpets, sofas, and curtains are good enough already, however, they thought wrong. You need to at least provide your fabrics a good soak in your washing machine or send them to the dry cleaners for faster process and results.

Do it like the experts

This implies that you need to clean it from top to bottom. You need to prevent having dust or dirt from the ceiling to fall down to your flooring after you have thoroughly cleaned the floor. Or just hire an expert cleaning service if you want quality cleaning service as you save your time and effort at the same time. You might eventually find out that outsourcing professionals are so much better and worth it, especially for other tasks that should only be left to the pros.

Begin with the areas you commonly tend to neglect

These spots include underneath your washing machine, your bed, the bookshelf with several books that you have never read for a long time, and so much more. You need to also consider cleaning your coffee maker’s innermost parts, your faucet, and all of your accessories found in the bathroom. Take this chance to work on cleaning such areas done at the same time so you do not need to do it until the following major session of general cleaning.

If you are planning to have your residential or commercial building professionally cleaned and disinfected throughout this pandemic, then you can avail of our commercial disinfection service with the help of our cleaning experts now.